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Excellence in Maintenance and Application Support

In the context of increasing digital transformation, application downtime means failure in the services provided, usually with reputational damage for the brand and potential financial costs.

It is therefore very important that organizations adopt a preventive maintenance approach. With this need in mind comes askblue Technology Center (ATC), which currently has three neashore centers: Lisbon, Coimbra and Praia da Vitória in the Azores archipelago.

The ATC provides preventive, evolutionary and corrective maintenance services in various technologies.

It also provides application development services with Foundation Teams and Application Managements (AMs).

 The services provided are supported by specific methodologies, aligned with the best practices to increase the quality of delivery and value to the customer, enriched with years of experience in this service model.

ATC Services


  • First-line support
  • Continuous service from 9am to 6pm on working days (email address and telephone number)


  • Corrective and evolutive maintenance
  • Evolving Volume Maintenance Task-forces
  • Calculation of effort of the determined request based on an estimation matrix
  • Deployment after customer approval


  • Ensure the guarantee phase of the implementation projects developed by askblue


  • Process of hand-over of applications not developed by askblue

Contract Management

  • Activity report with monthly frequency