Data & Analytics

We empower organizations’ data.

The journey from foundations to AI

The Data & Analytics offering enables taking operational data to the highest levels of artificial intelligence techniques, in a governed, cataloged environment, based on modern data architectures tailored to the needs and future challenges of our clients. The following services are available:

  • Strategic Data & AI Consulting
  • Project Implementation
  • Data Architecture and Engineering Squads
We also provide Information Systems Operation services (Data Ops), Evolutionary and Corrective Maintenance Services, and Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops).

We present below the various stages of data in organizations, from their origin to their use in advanced analytical models:



Ensuring best practices in data modeling, data unification, repository with a single source of truth. Instantiation of reference data architectures according to best practices and customer use cases.

Data Management

Implementation of data pipelines through various data layers according to Data Office standards. Developing data quality mechanisms and remediation. Ensuring access to information according to personal data confidentiality rules.

Data Governance

Data governance plays a fundamental role in democratizing data usage within the organization. It is in this sense that there is a need to govern them, define quality rules, create domains, and ensure best practices in architectures, etc.

BI & Analytics

Reports (management or operational) are a fundamental decision-making tool for any organization. Best practices focus on dynamic dashboards and corporate reports alongside self-exploration models by business units.

Advanced Analytics

The exploration of advanced analytical models (from machine learning to generative artificial intelligence) arises at a high level of organizational maturity or strong dynamics within business units. We work on and recommend exploring these functionalities focused on use cases, where we even assist in building business cases.