Privacy Policy


In askblue we respect the privacy of the personal data holders, with whom we interact in the exercise of our activity, in particular the Candidates to our collaborators and the Representatives of our Clients, Suppliers and Business Partners and other entities, seeking to act with transparency and integrity in all situations. For this reason, we strictly protect and treat personal data in accordance with applicable law, namely the General Regulation on Data Protection, Regulation EU 2016/679, hereinafter GDPR.

This privacy policy aims at explaining who we are, what categories of personal data we treat and for what purposes we do, what are the criteria followed in setting the retention period for these data, what types of third parties we transmit them and what the purpose of this transmission.

This policy may be updated periodically, so we recommend your occasional consultation.

Who We Are

askblue is a company that provides business and IT consultancy services. The company bets on the excellence, the quality of the services provided and the development of the most appropriate solutions to its Customers, that allow them to overcome their challenges, in an increasingly demanding environment.

From the continuous activity and concerns of askblue, we are looking for qualified professionals to integrate into our teams for the development of “turnkey” or ongoing projects with our Clients. askblue develops projects for its Clients and Clients.

Relevant Treatment Purposes for Employee Candidates

askblue collects and treats the personal data of the Candidates to its collaborators for the purpose of carrying out the activities of the “Recruitment and Selection” of human resources, within the scope of the pre-contractual procedures, necessary for the eventual conclusion of a contract.

The simple access and visit to the site of askblue does not imply, in itself, the availability of any personal data that can be identified by its owner.

However, by submitting a spontaneous application to askblue or by applying to one of our Job Openings, either directly on this site or via other platforms – namely portals where askblue have been disclosed – Candidates, as holders of personal data are, of their own volition and on their own initiative, to communicate to askblue their personal data for the purpose of the pursuit by askblue of data processing in the scope of the activities of “Recruitment and Selection “, as a preliminary to the eventual conclusion of a contract.
The execution of pre-contractual procedures, at the request of the data subject, is therefore the basis of lawfulness for the processing of personal data by askblue, within the scope of the purpose of Recruitment and Selection.

Purposes of Treatment Relevant to Customers, Partners and Suppliers

askblue collects and processes the personal data of Employees of its Clients, Business Partners and Suppliers for the purpose of managing contacts and acts arising from the development of commercial and business relations in the business sphere, namely:

  • Execution of contracts, which includes activities such as entering into contracts with customers, suppliers and partners, as well as communicating with third parties involved in contracts (clients, insurance companies, intermediaries) and responding to requests from customers and partners.
  • Business development and improvement of the services provided by askblue.


Legitimacy for Treatment

In accordance with the GPDR, the processing of personal data is carried out if only one of the following occurs:

  1. The consent of the data subject is necessary, through signature or agreement (through online form, by email or in paper form);
  2. The processing of data is necessary to conclude, manage or execute a contract with the data subject (for example, the various activities and pre-contractual procedures necessary for the possible conclusion of a contract of employment);
  3. The processing of the data is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations to which askblue is bound, as well as the disclosure of data to the Tax Administration and Social Security, as well as to other authorities;
  4. The processing of the data is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by askblue.

Your personal data will not be processed for purposes other than those foreseen and described in this policy, without being informed in advance or, where appropriate, obtained your consent.

Relevant Treated Data Categories for Candidates

askblue, as a recruiting entity and for the specific purposes of Recruitment and Selection, will register your Candidates, in particular, the following identification data:

  • Own name;
  • Nickname;
  • Email address;
  • Contact Phone;
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV), including the personal and sensitive data communicated by his / her titleholder, including the identification document, address, photograph of the candidate, academic qualifications, technical and personal skills and career development history.


askblue assumes that personal data have been sent to you freely and at the initiative of the respective owner, in an informed and informed manner, based on this policy that the data are true and accurate.

Categories of Data Handled Relevant to Customers, Partners and Suppliers

askblue, in its business relations with Customers, Partners and Suppliers, will collect only and only the employees of these indicated as privileged contact elements for the development of the business relationship, the following identification data:

  • Own name;
  • Nickname;
  • Professional email address (email);
  • Contact Professional Phone;
  • Function and position held in the company of the partner or supplier.

Information Sharing with Third Parties – Relevant for Employee Candidates

Your professional and academic curricular information may be shared with askblue‘s Clients, within the Recruitment and Selection process, after your prior consent, so that we can follow up on the application process, in order to better ensure the adequacy of skills and professional experience to the objectives and expected results of the projects developed by askblue for and with its clients.

Exercise of Rights of Data Holders

The personal data holders – Candidates – treated by askblue may, at any time, make use of their rights, namely:

  • The right of access to your personal data;
  • The right to rectify your personal information;
  • The right to oppose, erase or limit the processing of your personal data.

In order to exercise your rights you can send us an email to the address rgpd@askblue.pt, clearly and objectively identifying the instruction that you want to address.

You may also submit a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission through the means and institutional contacts made available for this purpose.

Consent Revocation

In case the consent is the legal basis necessary for the processing of personal data, the data subject has the right to withdraw it at all times. However, the exercise of this right does not compromise the lawfulness of the treatment made based on the consent previously provided, observing the conditions defined by the GPDR.

In the event that the data subject intends to withdraw his / her consent to the processing of personal data in connection with the Recruitment and Selection processes to which he / she applied, he may give this instruction through the email address rgpd@askblue.pt or act directly on the link that you have been told.

Information Conservation

The personal data will be kept for the minimum period of time necessary and proportional to the pursuit of the purposes described above.

The data sent to askblue by its owner, and through this route collected and processed by askblue, will be kept for the period necessary to fulfil the objective arising from the purposes for which they were collected, in the case of Employer Candidates – Recruitment and Selection – for job opportunities and professional development at askblue. For these purposes we will keep your personal data for the period provided by the Labor Legislation in force at any time.

After this deadline, if the Applicant intends to remain in our database, please send us information along with an updated version of your personal data and curriculum vitae.

Our Security Measures

Personal data will be processed by askblue using technical, organizational and security measures appropriate to the perceived risks and safeguarding the holder’s right to privacy.

It is, however, the responsibility of each Applicant to ensure that the computer they are using is adequately protected from harmful software, computer viruses and worms. You should be aware that, where data collection takes place on open networks, such as the Internet, your data may be safely routed, with the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

Know More

If you have any question related to the processing of your personal data and to the exercise of the rights conferred by the applicable legislation, and in particular referred to in this Policy, you may do so through the following contact: rgpd@askblue.pt.

Change to this Policy

askblue reserves the right at any time, without prior notice and with immediate effect, to change, add or revoke, partially or totally, this Privacy Policy. Any changes will be immediately posted on this site.


Last update on January 25th, 2019