Quality and Security

Quality Policy and Information Security

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of askblue is aligned with our vision of being a consultancy recognized for its ability to respond to emerging challenges that companies and individuals face, with a sense of responsibility being one of askblue’s values and the pillar of our way of being and operating in the market. We see the Quality Management System as a vehicle for continuous improvement for the enhancement of our services and processes, thereby contributing to increase the satisfaction of our clients and employees. With this focus, askblue, through this Policy, commits to:

  • Ensure the development and sustainability of business in the information technology and operational consulting market based on the rigorous identification of customer expectations, proposing the most suitable solutions;
  • Guarantee the ability to fulfill the commitments made and to meet the applicable requirements in terms of quality;
  • Maintain a culture oriented towards the recognition of the importance of effective quality management, based on measuring and evaluating customer satisfaction, our people’s skills, reliability of partnerships, in order to ensure continuous improvement;
  • Develop partnerships that ensure a diverse offering capacity, technologically advanced, and with the operationalization of the respective tools and technologies by our employees;
  • Identify and exploit opportunities for development inherent in the value chain of each business, with a focus on optimizing and transforming the operational performance of our clients;
  • Update and develop our people’s skills, continuously ensuring their best suitability to the needs of each challenge;
  • Implement the best practices established in the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standards, with emphasis on the continuous improvement of processes and the Quality Management System;
  • Ensure the resources and processes necessary for the Quality Management System, guaranteeing the satisfaction of stakeholder expectations;
  • Enhance a quality culture, across all business areas, ensuring that participants have appropriate training and that there is a good understanding of it and its objectives;
  • Monitor and review the Quality Management System periodically.

Information Security Policy

askblue is committed to ensuring the development and sustainability of businesses, guaranteeing the ability to fulfill the commitments made and the satisfaction of applicable requirements in terms of information security. To this end, askblue commits to:

  • Ensure the existence of an adequate and consistent Information Security management model, promoting its continuous improvement;
  • Promote the prevention of Information Security incidents, namely the loss or destruction, improper disclosure and/or dissemination, alteration, storage or unauthorized access, regardless of their format, mode of treatment, means of transmission and type of support, thus mitigating or reducing the Information Security risk to acceptable levels;
  • Keep employees’ Information Security training updated and suitable for the functions assigned to them;
  • Include in relations with clients and suppliers, particularly in the signing of contracts, Information Security requirements and obligations;
  • Progressively implement the best practices established in the ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 standards.
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