askblue Technology

Understanding Business to Deliver Technology Better

Digital transformation is now a top priority on the agenda of most organizations as well as their decision-makers. In this sense, askblue is committed to supporting companies and their executives in digital transformation initiatives designed to serve the operational and business objectives of each organization and to open the business to new channels.

This askblue business line is based on the latest trends and digital tools. We have a deep understanding of various market areas and offer our customers methodologies of delivery adapted to the needs of each challenge.

The experience and knowledge of our consultants ensure the delivery of askblue services with the highest levels of quality. In the projects we develop, we combine technological knowledge with the different business areas, in order to guarantee our delivery methodology and ensure the delivery of solutions and services that respond to the needs and requirements of clients.

Our experience now enables us to organize the challenges associated with digital transformation into three broad areas – mobility, efficiency and analytics – in which we have specialized and ensured the mastery of the best methodologies and technologies for each of the user cases.


Mobility has become a critical success factor for the competitiveness of organizations. With the increasing trend towards the use of mobile devices connected to the Internet increasing, it is essential to ensure the optimization and dynamization of the tasks that can be performed through these platforms. Mobility is very valuable for organizations as it can bring benefits to both end-users and the cooperative environment. This tool is thus an added value in offering experiences tailored to the needs of clients and organizations.

At askblue we ensure effective responses to customer challenges and we develop hybrid and native mobility solutions, B2B and B2C, tailored to the requirements of each business need. Through the use of the latest technologies, we ensure fast development of business applications, complying with the deadlines and quality of delivery.


One of the concerns is to ensure the development of tailor-made solutions that boost efficiency. In this sense, we have developed several tools for portals, intranets, extranets, business process management and workflows, which seek to make organizations more efficient through digital transformation. At askblue we have established synergies with several partners in order to respond to the diverse delivery needs of our customers.


In order to increase the assertiveness of their decisions, companies increasingly rely on analytics to analyze and optimize their operations. Through the use of analytics tools, organizations have the possibility to collect, analyze and exploit the data obtained in the various digitized procedures.

We went from a reality in which the data were not structured and did not translate into added value, for an era in which the data structured and analyzed are the most important assets for companies. It is also important to be aware of the tools used in the market and identify which ones are best suited to make the most of the data collected.

At askblue we have developed a number of analytics models in different technologies that enable intelligent data mining.