Balance between people and technology
Portuguese consultancy, askblue aims to support companies and organizations in the digital transformation processes, as well as in defining their business structuring strategies. A conversation with Ana Rosado, askblue’s senior partner, who gives us insight into the company’s evolution and the reasons behind its success.

How did the askblue project start?
 was founded by four partners – Pedro Nicolau (CEO), Sofia Bastos Santos, Rui Couto and myself – all with strong consulting and management experience. The growth path we have taken over the years has been followed by and together with our customers. We now have a team of over 200 employees, of which a high percentage of senior professionals have the skills and knowledge to address the most complex technological and business challenges. And while we have started with a strong focus on the financial market, we are increasingly developing projects in other industries, such as health and retail.

What are your main areas of supply?
‘s offer covers Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing. Given the evolution of the market and the result of customer requests, the company launched a new business unit dedicated to the Operations area as early as 2019. This unit, led by the new partner, Miguel Freire, incorporates the Application Management area, responsible for the maintenance and core application support and the askblue Technology Center (ATC), a support center focused on application maintenance, that aims to provide remote evolutionary and corrective maintenance

applications created by askblue or third parties. This new structure is a solid example of the diverse professional experience of the entire team, recognized for their expertise in project development, both in national and international environments, in highly demanding and complex organizational contexts.

The company has been growing continuously. What is the basis of askblue’s growth strategy for the future?
From the outset we have been focusing on diversification, and we consider in this context both the evolution of the business areas and the verticals addressed. The new Operations business unit is clearly part of this growth vision we have for years to come. Additionally, a new unit was created to manage the main clients and the international market, being internationalization one of the growth vectors for the future. This structure has as its main responsibility to coordinate and promote the various offerings in these markets, and initially we will have a dedicated team that will work primarily on specific markets. We have also strengthened our recruitment team so that we can capture the best resources at the pace of the new challenges ahead, while keeping in mind the challenges that talent retention currently represents. A goal always – to be a partner of our customers in consolidating their present and building their future.

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