Bar Association with new electronic voting solution
The Portuguese consultancy firm AskBlue has implemented a pioneering e-voting solution for the Congressional Bar Association (OA). elections to facilitate access from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone. Therefore, it also aims to stimulate the national participation of about 30 thousand lawyers voting, since it is a process that is usually carried out in person.

The technological innovation in question is supported by the product Scytl Online Voting, an electronic voting system that has already been used in countries such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France or Germany.

“The use of the solution was a pleasant surprise, due to the ease and adherence registered by the electronic vote. It was an excellent experience and allowed us to prepare ourselves better so that the governing bodies’ next elections will be a success, “said Guilherme Figueiredo, OA staff member.

The platform combines seven polling stations with distinct lists of candidates, and its security is due to its patented cryptographic protocol (private digital cryptographic keys). According to Ana Rosado, an AskBlue partner, “the electronic vote has the strong potential to bring citizens and organizations closer together, contributing to more inclusive and informed societies”.

Filipe Castro, sales director of Scytl, believes that this was an innovative project “unparalleled in the legal sector in Portugal”. “We believe it is a pioneering solution and with numerous possibilities of growth in Portugal, in the most varied sectors of activity,” he added.

Through a voting receipt, voters can anonymously check whether their vote has been registered by the Scytl Online Voting system, audited and certified by several governments worldwide.

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