Forum Banking: tailor-made solutions to fit your client’s needs
Digital banking has become the answer to clients´needs, accustomed to an increasingly technological world. Therefore, we have the ability and the intention to solve our financial problems whenever, wherever and however we want.

Focusing on the Client
Élia Faustino, askblue’s Senior Manager

The expression created in 1909 by Harry Selfridge, “The Customer Is Always Right” could have been the slogan for the revolution operated by the new business model of digital banking: highly customer-oriented, meeting their needs and expectations, regardless of the point of contact, be it physical or digital.

This business model’s objective is to respond to a new generation of clientes with consumer profiles and expectations, who seek and value a permanently available and accessible partner, satisfying their needs and providing them with an easy, fast, agile and adequate experience in line with their profile.

These clientes expect the same kind of digital relationship they have with their favourite online retailer to have it with their bank: regarding all the services and/or products, at anytime and anywhere, without any formalities and without the unnecessary visit to the bank. In other words, they demand the same kind of efficiency, convenience, proactivity, accessibility, mobility and agility which they would demand from an online company like Amazon. The possibility of opening a bank account within minutes, their permanent access to a set of services ranging from a simple balance check to accessing credit operations, by providing exclusive online products and by the reduction or absence of bank charges associated with these operations, make digital banking all the worthwhile because of its uncomparable advantages.

It is not only client expectations that are shaping the business, but also the way in which players position themselves and the entry of new competitors with new concepts which make the existing financial ecosystem evolve, providing a more agile, more transparent and less bureaucratic context to clientes.

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