Mercer Viva360 Employee Benefits Digital Platform

“With Outsystems low-code platform we are able to deploy a new employee benefits portal in less than a year, delivering a superior user experience, more functionality and new possibilities to scale and evolve with flexibility, aligned with our clients' changing needs.”

Paulo Fradinho
Paulo Fradinho

Mercer Portugal Partner

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Improve employee engagement, control employer costs and risk and automate benefit plan administration.

Solution & Goal

Using a digital platform that delivers a consumer grade-experience to select benefits that meet their individual needs regarding health and wealth wellbeing. Digital Transformation of all the processes associated with benefits to be more effective and efficient and compliant with data security framework.


Development of a complete employee benefits platform (B2B2C) that manages and communicates the benefits scheme the company is providing to their employees:

  • Mobile App (iOS and Android) to Mercer Client’s employees;
  • Mercer Client’s Portal for the Human Resource team (HR Backoffice);
  • Mercer Portal for company internal usage (Administration Backoffice).

The platform was developed with version 10 of the OutSystems platform, supporting enterprise-grade scalability and security. The technical architecture supports also data segregation for each Mercer Customer (multi-tenant) and complies with the rules of the GDPR.

KPI’s / Client Value

The platform will allow decreasing 50% the average cost per user, compared with a previously packaged solution.


  • More intuitive employee user experience
  • Less inbound calls on Contact Center
  • Less manual processes based on file manipulation increased process automation
  • More autonomy and differentiation vs packaged solution Roadmap ownership

About the Client

Mercer is a global leader in advisory services in the areas of human capital, benefits, pensions and investments.