Business Consulting

We promote the sustainable development of organizations and their employees.

Service, Product & Experience Design

Service Design

We deliver integrated holistic experiences through a collaborative approach with stakeholders, making them active participants in facilitating the conception and implementation of new solutions (products and services) through the application of collaborative design methodologies focused on building customer-centric experiences.

User Experience Design

We analyze in detail the motivations, highlight the pain points, and identify potential opportunities for users throughout a journey using essential visual tools for defining new, coherent, intuitive products and services.

Interaction Design

We create a visual identity for the product/service materialized in appropriate texts, hierarchical visual/auditory elements, and behaviors that result in rapid adaptation and intuitive, functional, and satisfying use.

Processes Optimization & Mining

Using the most advanced tools and analysis methodologies, we identify opportunities for improvement and implement innovative solutions to optimize your processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and operational effectiveness for your business.

Our customized approach ensures that every aspect of your business process is analyzed and optimized, thereby transforming complex data into valuable insights, which enhance cost reduction and increase productivity.

Agile & Scrum Coaching

Our Agile & Scrum Coaching services enable your company to implement Agile strategies tailored to the specific needs of your business, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Agile and Scrum Coaches provide ongoing guidance, tools, and innovative techniques to transform project management and achieve exceptional team results.

Program Management (PMO)

At askblue, we have Consultants with extensive experience in Program/Project Management implementation:

  • Implementation experience of PMOs across various sectors, including Banking, Telecommunications, and Industry.
  • Operational and executive support in Program and Portfolio Management.
  • Experience in implementing management and control processes for complex projects (such as large-scale AMs), with appropriate system and tool integration.
  • Significant experience as consultants and in corporate leadership roles, including international experience.

Additionally, we are familiar with various practices and methodologies:

  • Certifications and experience in various methodologies (PMP, Prince2, COBIT, Scrum, Risk Management, etc.).
  • We tailor methodologies, processes, and practices to the challenges and realities of our clients, with the necessary pragmatism.