Quality & Testing

We combine knowledge and experience to elevate the quality of your projects.

Quality & Testing Services

The demand for quality assurance services has been increasing to ensure that modifications made during software development and/or maintenance processes meet expected quality standards. At askblue, we offer the following solutions:

Quality Processes

Definition and implementation of quality processes throughout the development lifecycle, according to best practices in the market, ensuring the best time-to-market for each business.

Quality Management

Management and coordination of quality processes, implementing and adapting testing methodologies and strategies to projects, based on testing standards and principles.

Functional & Non-Functional Testing

We offer a varied catalog of test types options, supported by testing tools.

Continuous Regression Testing & Automation

We implement innovative services and solutions in line with the latest technological trends in the market. We promote a culture of automation with the aim of “not manually repeating recurring tasks.”

QA Assessment

We assess the maturity level and current needs of services, identify improvements, and develop an implementation plan. We conduct proof of concept testing.

Our services are always tailored to the reality and needs of each client:

  • Managed Services – Joint service management or with minimal client intervention, with guaranteed resources and management;
  • Test as a Service (TaaS) – Testing services focused on specific and/or critical needs, allowing our clients to access a wide range of test types on demand;
  • Capacity Services – Provision of resources with different profiles according to the client’s needs;
  • Nearshore & Offshore – Our models of operation, combined with knowledge and expertise, are available for national and international markets.

What sets us apart


Our mission is to implement a culture of quality in our clients, leveraged through an integrated approach on an essential axis for the success of services, that is, processes, people, and tools.


Well-defined and effective processes allow for the establishment of a structure with the objective of ensuring that tasks are executed consistently.


People, in turn, play a vital role in this success equation. Without them there are no results. These results are obtained from committed and qualified employees.


In turn, tools provide the resources necessary for the service so that activities can be carried out effectively and efficiently.