Application Management

We ensure the daily operations of organizations through efficient management of resources and technologies.

Application MAnagement

Application Management Services (AMS)

The greater the commitment of organizations to digital transformation, the greater the need to keep essential systems and applications operational (alive and in good ‘health’) for the activities of the organizations. This task demands a dedicated allocation of various highly specialized and trained resources, spanning from the functional to the technical aspects, without neglecting the service/contract management component.

The askblue’s AMS (Application Management Services) encompass several dimensions that are always tailored to the needs of each client and the typology of each service:

  • Application Monitoring and Support – includes services during extended hours and 24×7 standby.
  • Corrective Maintenance – resolution of incidents and problems.
  • Evolutionary, Perfective, and Preventive Maintenance;
  • User Support – assistance with doubts and questions.
  • Platform Governance and Release Management – Outsystems, etc.
  • Complementary Services – functional analysis, specification of application dossiers, technical documentation, among others.


The askblue’s AMS services are supported by our own frameworks designed and operationalized according to the needs of our clients, through the implementation of clear and objective processes and procedures. We advocate for supporting our clients in managing the change to the service paradigm, which allows us to focus on the real needs of the business and its results, with a strong orientation towards quickly obtaining metrics (KPIs) that enable us to work on continuous improvement and foster a culture of effective communication based on reports and metrics tailored to the needs of each AMS.

Application Support

In an increasingly digital transformation context, application downtime translates to service failures, typically resulting in reputational damage to the brand and potential financial costs.

Askblue offers a range of services aimed at minimizing application downtime:


  • First-line support
  • Continuous assistance from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays (email and phone number)
  • 24/7 support


  • Corrective and evolutionary maintenance
  • Task forces for evolving volume maintenance
  • Effort calculation for a given request based on an estimation matrix
  • Implementation after client approval


  • Ensuring the warranty phase of implementation projects developed by askblue.


  • Hand-over process for applications not developed by askblue.

Contract Management

  • Monthly activity report

The presented services are provided through shared teams because:

  • Allows for addressing application support (evolutionary, corrective, and preventive) for applications with an unstable backlog of activities, making it difficult to define the size of a dedicated team.
  • The team members can vary both in number and in profiles, according to the needs at any given time.
  • It is based on a pay-per-use model, where billing to our clients is according to the interventions performed in each period.
Thus, through proprietary work methodologies and a governance model, we ensure functional and technical mastery of applications within the scope of the service and a response time according to agreed SLAs.